No fan of the arts (in the plurality that they represent) will be able to hide the somewhat presumptuous pleasure that comes from feeling, apparently for oneself, a connection with the work of a creator whose work seems to be fodder for the praise and admiration of a select few. circle. This exordium refers to the figure and, of course, even more so, to the catalog of the composer Sofía Martínez (1965), sparse, sparse and palatable. Nor is her presence on the network significantly wordy; It is plausible that music like his does not require excessive fuss or digital proliferation. In her biographical note, published on her concise and monastic website, it reads: «His research on her led him to explore quarter tones and very slow glissandos. As in quantum physics, the uncertainty principle, in which the traditional reference points of notes and time are lost. It is not about finding the precision of the note, but rather its most secret part, towards an inner path.